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Living Room – Cleaning Grand Plan

Living Room – Cleaning Grand Plan

Living Room – Cleaning Grand Plan

Begin by washing the outside of the windows in this room. You will appreciate being able to see outside when you sit down at the end of the week in your beautiful, clean, and organized living room!

Take everything off walls, dust it, and set it aside.

Dust or wash the wall, vacuum or dry-clean draperies and blinds. Get your favorite cobweb killer and sweep down ceilings, corners and tops of doorways

Take cushions off furniture. Vacuum thoroughly, replace cushions, spot treat any stains and shampoo if necessary.
Wooden furniture (and anything with drawers/shelves): Empty, sort and throw away what you really don’t need. Put the rest where it belongs.

Dust/polish the piece you’ve finished with and repeat with other pieces. Don’t forget the maintenance on piano.

Baseboards: depending on condition they’re in, dust or wash them.

Coat closet: empty, sort clothes (by family member, season).

Remove any “off-season” items and decide whether to trash, donate, or store elsewhere. Replace only those items which should be in your coat closet.

Clean the TV screen (if you have a set in this room). Don’t neglect the stereo items either. Re-organize tapes/records/videos as per your needs.

Clean/change the silk flower arrangements as per seasonal needs. Wash/trim any live plants in this room.

Other items needing attention if your room has them:

* Fireplace/mantel/chimney/glass doors
* Lamps (does the shade need dusting or replacing?)

Electrical cords (check for frayed wires)

* Mirrors (items framed w/glass) get out the Windex
* Doorknobs/drawer-handles (are they clean?)

Stacks (of anything!): Take time now to use the sorting method of trash/donate/store elsewhere. Now put these new piles where they belong.

Vacuum the carpet and clean if necessary.

Hang the items back on walls, if you haven’t already and take a good look around. It should look pretty good by now.




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